Polbruk Efekt is a liquid, solvent-free impregnate that protects against stubborn dirt such as flue gas buildup, clay smudges, oil stains, food stains (red wine, coffee, coke etc.).


Does not contain solvent
Protects against aggressive contaminations
Surfaces impregnated with Polbruk Efekt are resistant to weather, do not absorb water and oil
The surface structure remains intact
Does not change its color
Does not luster
Allows for concrete breathing
Penetrates deep into the impregnated surface
Resistant to alkalis
Dries quickly - approx. 20 minutes
Impregnate may be applied with pressure sprayer
Suitable for use on all types of refined surfaces
The surface may be used after 24 hours from impregnation
Efficient - 100-300 ml/m2
Has attestation of PZH (National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Hygiene)


The product is available in packaging of
2 liters and 5 liters

About the product

Quick-drying impregnator for paving stone, terrace slabs, fencing and landscape architecture.

Recommended for impregnation of smooth, washed, aged paving stone, terrace and walkway slabs, edging and palisades, walls and fences. Suitable for use on all types of refined surfaces.

Thanks to impregnator, the concrete surface structure remains intact. Polbruk Efekt Impregnat or does not color it. Does not luster. Allows for concrete breathing. Penetrates deep into the impregnated surface and is resistant to alkalis. Dries quickly - approx. 20 minutes.

We recommend Polbruk Efekt impregnate