Charms of different textures

Color is not and should not be the only factor affecting our decision when selecting a specific paving stone. Different shades present themselves in different ways depending on the texture. How to choose the right effect, so that the entirety looks good?

Washed surfaces
They are created as a result of the unique washing technique, thanks to which uneven surface with easily-felt aggregate of various fractions is formed. When searching for paving stone of such nature, one should turn attention to Polbruk Avanti, the structure of which resembles natural granite and gives the impression that it consists of millions of crystals sparkling in the sun. The structure of compacted sand characteristic for paving stone Polbruk Complex will make a different but equally great impression. Both types of texture look perfect in an urban and modern surrounding.

Smooth surfaces
They are created as a result of the process called tumbling. Velvet surface with irregularly broken edges perfectly reproduces the effect of old paving stone. By choosing this stylish surface we can pick from colors and shapes of Polbruk Granito, Carmino, Nostalite, Country and Napoli collection. Smooth surfaces look terrific in the surrounding of old, historic buildings, old-styled spaces, and also those in vintage style - combining elements of tradition with modernity.

Undulating surface
Specially formed texture stylistically refers to the corrugated structure of the seabed and gives an interesting visual effect both in narrow and wide spaces. Enthusiasts of sophisticated forms who fancy unusual arrangements, will certainly not be disappointed by choosing paving stone from the Polbruk Atena collection. Thanks to them garden paths can turn into fast-flowing streams, and house-adjacent squares into real dry oceans. Paving stones with undulating surface, available in warm colors, work well in familiar surroundings, as well as those inspired by the exotic.