How to choose paving stones?

The vast range of paving stone and other decorative materials may give you a slight headache. With so many varied products to choose from, we should give some thought to what it is that we actually need.

Paving stone thickness
The selection of an appropriate material should be determined by the purpose of paving. Depending on the loads resulting from traffic intensity that it will be subjected to, one should select material of various thickness: 4-6 cm in the case of narrow garden paths, 6-8 cm in the case of driveways and routes intended for car traffic.

Paving stone size
Appropriate selection of material in terms of its dimensions is equally important. When choosing the size of paving stone, one should consider how large an area will be laid with it. From an aesthetic and practical point of view, a small paving stone with a simple pattern works best on narrow and winding paths. Its use eliminates the necessity of cutting elements.

Textures, colors and shapes
The material we choose should be stylistically compatible with the rest of the property. It should be remembered that different types of material work well in classical spaces, others in those stylized as idyllic manor houses, others in the surroundings of modern minimalist houses. There are many aesthetic rules, but when choosing quantity and types of paving stone one should invariably be guided by one rule only - moderation.

Effect is what counts
If we are not certain of the effect that we want to get, it is worth using professional help. The experience of Polbruk experts in the field of designing the space will certainly allow obtaining the perfect visual effect and will make the surrounding of the house beautiful and practical.

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