Laying ecological products

Thanks to the through holes, shapes and larger spacer profiles in the laid pavement, created are free spaces that much more effectively discharge water from precipitation into the ground.

Moreover, by filling them with soil and planting with grass, a specific combination of concrete surface with lawn is created. In many cases, it perfectly harmonizes with the surrounding nature.

Products of this group are mainly intended for pavements for pedestrian and passenger car traffic, for example: squares, parking lots, real-estate access roads, arranging of green areas in parks and residential areas. Their important function (mainly of slabs) is also reinforcing slopes, ditches, abutments etc. We encourage you to consider the possibilities of using materials from this group whenever it is consistent with the stated purpose and where the building surface is not necessary to be relatively tight.

Conditions of laying Polbruk ecological products


The rules of lying the foundation for products of this group do not differ substantially from the rules for “classical” paving stones. The foundation for ecological products should be made according to the project, which should take into account the geotechnical conditions, operating conditions and drainage. In such a case, it is important that the foundation as water-permeable as possible. This can be achieved by the application of natural raw materials and the use of an appropriately thick fraction for the lower layer. The foundation should be made of durable material ensuring proper load capacity.

Bedding layer

In order to facilitate the laying of ecological products it is necessary to use the so-called “bedding layer”. And to provide permeability, also here natural raw materials should be used: 0-2 mm washed sand or 0-5 mm crushed-stone aggregate . Filling the joints and openings in paving stones and slabs

In this regard, two solutions are proposed:

a. filling the free space with soil and planting grass, which make the surface more attractive and increase the amount of green in the surrounding

b. filling the free space with gravel or crushed-stone aggregates - through the use of diversified aggregates with various fractions, and even colors, we can create additional possibilities of arrangement of the appearance of the created surface

Both solutions will allow proper drainage of rainwater into the ground.

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