Edges and curbs

The surroundings of a real property are not only nurtured front lawns and even garden paths. Varied spaces, planes, levels require common passages and impressive combinations, and this is the task edges and curbs can handle well. They form the arrangement frame, where the landscape starts to form. They constitute the perfect tool for arranging space and perform many practical functions.

Finishing of paths and sidewalks
The most obvious feature of edges and curbs is creating of aesthetic bordering of paving slabs and separation of pedestrian areas from green areas, planting and lawns. Selection of the appropriate shape, color or texture is also significant - finishing elements should be coherently composed with the type of paving stone used - they will be a real decoration of the garden then.

Effective closure of the composition is not everything. With the use of, for example Polbruk Canto, circular or angled Palisade we can create practical elevations, due to the difference in the height of paving stone and edges, which will prevent the soil from falling from flowerpots to the surface of the pavement and allow to keep tidiness.

Creation of stairs and sills
It often happens that the area of the property is not perfectly flat, but it consists of many different levels - such as passage between walkway and driveway, that require using curb. For larger differences between height it is necessary to design also stairs. Thanks to the use of Polbruk edges and palisades we can freely adjust the height of steps, give them an original form based on rectangles and circles.

Especially interesting is the use of impressive Broken Palisade on the property, texture of which refers to the natural crushed stone and which blend perfectly into the atmosphere of the garden niches. Elements with the height of 45 cm allow creating tall retaining walls fencing off functional areas or holding the structure of scarps and elevations.

Stylish in practice
The multitude of practical uses and the attractive form of edges and curbs turn them into a discreet addition, without which the arrangement of the garden would remain incomplete and not very functional.

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