Great landscape architecture

They are everywhere - surrounding cities, housing estates, parks and private houses - they provide the edge to an arranged space. What are they? The small structures erected as part of land development - the small architecture elements. Their meaning simply cannot be underestimated, since - as stylists say - paving tiles are not all there is, because the devil is in the details. Check out some interesting solutions, which are worth considering while designing the surroundings of your real property.

Surface modeling
House surrounded by hills and slopes presents perfectly. However, the natural terrain not everywhere allows to enjoy such a view. Thanks to the aesthetics materials - curbs, edges and palisades - we can turn plain into a space with many varied levels. An interesting solution is to utilize square Merkado palisade or circular Ring palisade to create retaining walls, holding the edges of scarps, embankments and faults to .

Decorating a space
The space of our garden and surrounding of the house should not be missing elements, on which it is pleasantly to fasten your eye and which will be an aesthetic extension of the interior. Therefore, it is worth to plan a balanced, not overcrowded with additions arrangement, in which the main role will be played by paving stone and an intriguing detail on its background - sculpture, fountain or flowering pergola. Imagine how interesting the path leading into the garden decorated with jardinieres and flowery pots will look. Properly illuminated additions will delight during the daytime and intrigue at night.

Demarcation of functional areas
Elements of small architecture allow for demarcation of an area for various activities out of uniform space - a seating area, a children's playground, surrounding of a swimming pool. Particularly interesting and fashionable trend is recently demarcation of green driveways. It can be created using ecological paving stone filled with grass, which will perfectly complement in combination with standard paving stone in warm colors.

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