In my garden...

They say: small garden – small problem, big garden – big problem. However, contrary to popular belief, arrangement of a small space for it to be both functional and eye-pleasing may be troublesome.

How many times walking in front of the premises of our neighbor we had this feeling that we got into another world, ,where to many things are going on? We say a firm no to overloaded arrangements! Especially because of the fact that they are impractical and denoting the lack of choosing a particular vision. Though well-thought-out project begins with determination of nature of the place. Do not try to pack the playground for badminton, orchard and mediation temple on the area of 20 m2

Shrubs, not baobabs
Each square meter counts here, so when choosing plants, one should take into account their size. Do not plant branching trees or shrubs that tend to occupy large space. It is worth to choose plants, which grow up to 6-8 m, with root systems that will not burst the garden paths.

Paths, not highways
To save space, try to avoid sidewalks and paths in a straight line. Instead of setting them along the garden line, let’s place the narrow bands slightly to the side, which will visually expand the space. Clue of the whole arrangement is of course a fine material. Therefore, Beganit and Avanti paving stones will work much better than the standard paving tiles or terrace slabs.

Ponds, not oceans
It is worth adding variation to the intimate garden with an interesting detail, which will not dominate the whole space. An excellent idea is to arrange small ponds. Located in the corners of the garden, near the fences, will create the impression of reflection. Thanks to this the garden will seem bigger.

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