Landscape architecture

A small thing of great importance! This is how the Polbruk collection of edges, palisades, concrete flower pots and walls can be described in short. Small architecture cannot be underestimated, since - as we all know well - "the devil is in the details", this small detail simultaneously shapes and arranges space.

a house surrounded by scarps, slopes, inclines and hills looks great. Not everywhere will the natural shape of terrain allow you to enjoy the variety of space. However - thanks to properly selected palisades, edges or walls - we can always transform a wide plain or an irregular scarp into a space with multiple varied levels. An interesting solution is to utilize tall Zen Palisades with varied coloring or the tall Ring Palisade to create retaining walls, holding the edges of scarps, embankments and steep faults. Retaining walls made of Abax, Mini Luna concrete flower pots, or the Grando angled wall, are exceptionally helpful in determining the frames for squares of an intimate nature. They constitute a functional and aesthetically-pleasing protection against soil sliding onto the pavement paved with stones or terrace slabs.

The space of our garden should not be missing decorative elements, which may be a stylistic reference to the interior of our house. That is why it is worth to plan a balanced arrangement of add-ons, in which the main role will be played by an intriguing detail - sculpture, fountain or pergola.

The decorative element should harmonize with the surroundings - allude to the nature of the garden and the facade of our house. It is significant to maintain the proportions between the garden and item decorating it.
Larger, grander forms look beautiful in a vast space or the opposite - in small gazebos - where they are the most important element, creating the aura of the place. Small forms, in turn, emphasize the beauty of plants, for example a blooming flower bed or patch. A path leading to the center of the garden, decorated with the contrasting color of the Canto edge or the Palinea edge is an interesting view. AN interesting trend is to create greenery zones and flower beds separated from the walkway with stylish angled Grando walls or impressive angled palisades.

Elements of small architecture allow for demarcation of an area for various activities out of uniform space - a seating area, a children's playground. A garden arranged according to our tastes can become an additional living room, where we spend every free moment, not only cultivating plants, but simply resting. Our "green office" can be a charming hideaway amidst pergolas, an intimate, romantic hermitage or a place for partying with friends. If the garden area allows for this, it is worth to design several such places with varied styles and atmosphere, for example: stairs made of Polbruk Canto Trapez edges.