Under the influence of the environment

Feng Shui – for some it is arcane knowledge, for others - casual fun in designing. Regardless of one’s belief in the magical power of Ying and Yang, it is worth to draw inspiration from the art of creation of an arranged, harmonious space.

There are so many principles, which drive the enthusiast of Feng Shui, that it is difficult to remember them all. No wonder, since the knowledge about the influence of the surrounding on human well-being has about 5000 years. To begin with, we have selected few interesting tips, which allow bringing a little harmony to our surrounding.

Regular shapes
According to Feng Shui experts, rectangle is the ideal shape, and thus the surrounding of the home should be very similar to it. If plan of the plot includes some loss, it is worth to put a lantern or three in the missing place.

Light form
Plots placed on the southern slopes of the undulating hills are the most preferably located ones. Such light spacial forms are conducive to flow of positive Chi energy, giving the impression of peace and harmony.

Paths lines
Driveway to the house and other routes should be curve-planed, and what is more important, well-lit which will increase the flow of beneficent energy.

House in the center
Equally important is the location of house in its surrounding. It should be located almost in the center, a little closer to the front side of the plot.

Strong background
Space on the back of the house should be fenced off, for example, with a slight elevation, tree belt, hedge or flowering bushes, which will make us feel safe.

Place of rest
It is good to locate terrace or place for barbecue on the right side of the estate, because this side allows to go beyond schemes and provokes the reflection.

Practical zone
One should avoid tall trees or and large rockeries on the left side. This side is a perfect place for vegetable garden and compost.

Free spaces
The area if front of the house should provide residents with a lot of freedom. Therefore, instead of tall trees, it is better to plan lawn or put small plants here.

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