Garden in summer colors - Carmino, Granito and Ideo paving stones

Sunset red or pale sandy beach beige are colors that bring to mind a summer landscape. It is also a sight that we long for during the winter months. Now, thanks to Poldbruk's paving stones, we can savor the ephemeral magic of summer. The melange Carmino, Ideo and Granito collections take us to a sunny world and transform our garden into a peaceful oasis.

Colorful blends
A secret garden full of colorful plants and winding paths is a kingdom for children to play and a place for rest of adults. Who among us does not like walking among colorful alleys or relaxing in a comfortable chair on a sunny terrace. We can create this idyllic climate and picturesque landscapes in our own backyard using Polbruk paving stones. Carmino, Granito and Ideo are collections in the rustic style and warm summer tones. Geometrical paving stones with a smooth surface are available in two color variants - Indiana and latte blends. The first one was maintained in orange and red tones resembling the setting sun; the other, in contrast, is a mix of creams, beiges and grays. As a result, with the use of paving stones of one color we can create an interesting, multicolored arrangement or, combining two shades, build a patterned mosaic. Polbruk Carmino, Granito and Ideo in Indiana version, thanks to their simple shapes and sunny colors, will look great in rustic surroundings and go well with a wooden house, hammock and colorful flowers. In contrast, subdued latte is a suitable proposition for modern, modernist buildings with a bright façade and dark woodwork.

Garden architecture
Blended collections by Polbruk are a feast of colors, richness of shapes and sizes. Polbruk Carmino are small trapezoidal paving stones, available in five sizes. At the same time, the Polbruk Granito collection is characterized by slightly larger sizes in four, various versions. In contrast Polbruk Ideo, a form of regular rectangles, consists of eight elements of various sizes. A wide range of paving stones facilitates laying of even custom surfaces, and with the use of Polbruk Carmino series, building of winding paths, arcs and circles. Thanks to the universal shapes and smooth surface they can also be successfully used for the construction of stairs or terraces. An additional advantage of Granito, Carmino and Ideo Polbruk paving stones is their thickness of six centimeters, thanks to which the surface is durable and resistant to damage. So they can be laid down not only on alleys but also on garage driveways. As a result we can create a coherent composition in the same colors on the entire property.

Holiday sunny days are moments that many of us reminisce about with a touch of tenderness. We will be able to move this picturesque landscape, bathed in warm colors to our own premises by using Polbruk Carmino, Garnito and Ideo paving stones and enjoy it throughout the year