Paths, lanes and sidewalks

The application of paving stone in the arrangement of communication paths provides almost limitless design possibilities. No wonder than that its use is still a dominant trend in landscape architecture…

What distinguishes paving stone? For some, it is the possibility of picking from colors, textures and shapes. The others appreciate the ease of composing the selected lines with natural stone, wood or brick. Therefore, due to this diversity, it is worth carefully considering selection of the proper material.

Romantic paths
Ideal for gardens in English style, narrow and winding, as if they were lost among the lush vegetation. An excellent solution for their arrangement is Avanti paving stone from Polbruk Styl line finished with Canto edging. Arched shapes can be extremely easily laid of it thanks to its small sizes, and the surface with sparkling crystals will add a mysterious glow to the surrounding.

Lanes in the Mediterranean climate
Warm, pastel colors of facades of houses in the southern style require sunny complementation. Therefore, they compose well with colors of smooth paving stones from Polbruk Carmino collection and shades of autumn colors, safari from Polbruk Napoli collection. In this type of composition, for example for creating curbs it is worth to use materials of jagged surface with irregular edge line, which will give space a little of exotic.

Sidewalks in modern direction
Modern spaces, making impression with ascetic simplicity, often abound with elements of steel and glass. Polbruk City from Style line in cold shades of graphite fit this aesthetics. Their washed surface will compose well with glass additions. It also should be remembered that the modern spaces should provide us with a lot of freedom, therefore it would be easier to laid them with paving stone or paving slabs with larger size