Terraces, patio and squares

The arrangement of larger spaces around the home is quite a task nowadays. They should not only be durable and practical, but should also stand out from the crowd in terms of aesthetics and style...

Application of paving stone or terrace slabs will work in this situation in one hundred percent. They are perfect alternative for other materials, mainly because they allow laying of unique patterns and give great freedom in the selection of the desired color.

Rustic Patio?
If our surrounding is dominated by natural colors and materials - wood in warm bronzes, wicker, shades of clay and coal - we can attempt to create a moody, idyllic patio, where drinking morning coffee will be a pleasure. We can achieve an interesting effect arranging the surface using Polbruk Country paving stone from Linea line, original melanges of which combine deep browns, reds, graphites and oranges.

Terrace in style of Piazza di Spagna?
Inspirations of hot southern climate will bring the desired sun into our surrounding. In such space whites and beiges are predominant theme which improve it. In this situation it seems quite natural to use Polbruk Plaza terrace slabs, bright colors and slightly wavy surface of which refers stylistically to sand stone.

Perfectly laid squares?
The richness of shades and shapes of Polbruk paving stone is a real treat for people who love creating unique patterns. Polbruk Carmino paving stone from Klasyka line, which will allow to create impressive melanges on the surface, is recommended for the enthusiasts of color follies. While phenomenal Nostalite collection from Klasyka line will certainly appeal to those who are thinking about experimenting with a form of ellipses and circles.

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