What to use for the driveway?

Functional and elegant garage driveway - a solid showcase of the house Designing a convenient, safe and first and foremost - functional and durable garage driveway is not a simple matter. You have to take into account not only your own preferences, but also the size of the space to be arranged, the surroundings of the house.

Functionality in every inch
Even space in front of the garage ensures easy maneuvering of the car, even for an inexperienced driver, in addition to providing the greatest potential for arrangement. "Owners of flat driveways can easily combine different types of textures, sizes and colors of the paving stone, thus creating original compositions. Such space will be the ideal showcase for bigger, rectangular paving stones from the Polbruk Granito line in warm colors, or the small sized, trapezoid Polbruk Avanti paving stones with granite texture, or their smooth equivalent - Polbruk Carmino. The paving stones have a thickness of 6 cm, that is why they can be used for communication routes", says a Polbruk expert.

Upwards or downwards - the degree of inclination of the driveway
A solution to the problems may be the use of openwork Polbruk Greengo slabs or the use of washed stone. In the latter case, classic rectangular or square stones will do the job, for example: Polbruk Napoli, the special, coarse surface of which provides wheels with good traction.

A detached house on a large estate is an ideal place for designing a practical and impressive driveway. Free space provides unlimited arrangement possibilities and this potential should be properly utilized.

A large square in front of the house provides not only the possibility of practical utilization, but it can also turn the driveway into a showcase. You can combine different stone colors, e.g. mix gray, graphite and yellow elements from the Polbruk Nostalite washed line, or you can choose a simple solution, utilizing Polbruk Urbanika 60 with a thickness of 8 cm.