The newest garden portfolio of products on display at the Polbruk_Kielce palnt in Poland

We are proud to showcase our garden portfolio of products now on display at the Polbruk, Kielce plant in Poland

Nothing constitutes a better brand portfolio than its own completed projects. The biggest manufacturer of paviours and road products on the Polish market uses space around production facilities to present the aesthetics and ergonomic value of its collections. Polbruk demonstrates that imagination goes beyond limit when designing a peaceful garden enclave which people enjoy being present in.

In line with this idea, the latest exhibition garden of the Polbruk brand has been designed and realized at the production plant in Kielce. When strolling through the space created, we can not only see exterior layout design options, but also conceive ways to combine various collections,  and as a result, make it possible to create your own unique project.

Each garden module has been well thought through, attracting both enthusiasts of classic design as well as those who prefer bold, innovative projects. Combining texture, color and style we attempt to reveal the unlimited potential that innately lies in this brand of products. It is also complemented by aesthetic products provided by other companies which include, but not limited to concrete. In this space we have also included printed tiles by the Belgian brand, Marlux  and other interesting elements from of EHL, CUBIS and AVZ brands. Another interesting compliment to the garden are innovative products such as the ingenious solar benches produced by a Dutch manufacturer called Struyk Verwo Infra or the modern entry gates by Heras.

The garden area is accessible to all: clients, owners of private properties, developers, architects, as well as designers and architects. Our design space is full of interesting solutions and initiates the unlimited arrangement possibilities that can be adapted to create aesthetics and personality to any space. 

You are always welcome to visit us in Kielce! Feel free!

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