In the stylish circle

Polbruk Canto and Polbruk Canto Trapez edges are a proposition for people seeking a unique and stylish finish of pathways, driveways, stairs and many other small architecture elements.

Characteristic shape and practical dimensions of the products allow to create very diverse contours of surfaces - from simple lines to stylish arcs and circles. Elements can also be laid vertically or horizontally, thus regulating the width of edging.

Great freedom of arrangement is ensured by a wide range of the offered colors. Apart from universal gray and graphite, sophisticated colors like nut-brown, brown or yellow will also help in creating dream arrangement. They are all available in smooth and antiqued version.

An interesting complementation of the arrangement will also be broken Palisade Polbruk. Its original form combines practical applications with the charm of a chipped stone texture. Natural shades: paloma (light gray), graphite and nut-brown allow to customize the product to the nature of the surroundings and to make it a stylish accent of a flower bed edging, stairs construction or slope development.

Decorative edge Canto
10 x 10 x 18 cm
Catalog price:
1.40 PLN/pc net – 3.40 PLN/pc net
(1.72 PLN gross - 4.18 PLN gross)

Edge Canto Trapez (new product)
Dimensions: 9,5/10 cm x 10 cm x 25 cm
Catalog price:
3.00 PLN/pc net - 5.00 PLN/pc net
(3.69 PLN gross – 6.15 PLN gross)

Broken palisade
8 cm x 8 cm x 30 cm (new product)
8 cm x 8 cm x 50 cm
12.5 cm x 15 cm x 45 cm
12.5 cm x 15 cm x 60 cm
Catalog price:
6.00 PLN/pc net - 21.00 PLN/pc net
(7.38 PLN gross - 25.83 PLN gross)