What to look for when choosing a garden designer?

When dreaming about their own house, people also most often desire to have a garden. In order to make the latter a beautiful pride of the property, it should be appropriately designed and executed. The Designer will help us with that. We answer the question: why is it worth to hire a landscape architect and what to look for when viewing the offers.

“We have arranged the space around the building, but the effect is quite different from the one intended.” “There were supposed to be picturesque alleys and functional garden interiors, but we chose to plant the land with a wall of thuj and seed the lawn.” “Working in the garden is a great adventure, but every year replanting and getting out of the chaos is beyond our strength” - such thoughts are shared by people, who undertook designing the garden on their own. When arranging the plot on your own, a lot of surprises may appear, and the risk of making mistakes is high. That is why practical knowledge, experience and sense of aesthetics, which a landscape architect has, are so important.

Designer - the man for special tasks
Garden designing is only an apparently simple matter. Some people think they will achieve a satisfactory result by reproducing the arrangement from photos published in a gardening journal or simply - by trial-and-error. Such a solution is risky and short-sighted. I know from experience that it usually ends with a questionable visual effect and loss of a significant sum of money. Cooperation with an experienced designer is a guarantee that our future garden will be made with passion and intent, and will serve for years to come without much interference of the inhabitants – explains Wojciech Średniawa, the main designer of Polbruk.

A designer not only has valuable knowledge and experience, thanks to which the whole plan of the garden will be adapted to the style and needs of its users. A designer can cooperate with architects, contractors and the owner of the house, so the works are timely executed and with the involvement of all the interested people. Moreover, the task of the designer is usually not limited only to the creation of a map and full-color designs. A designer will advise on solutions, which one could not have imagined, and will also select the finishing materials: proper slabs and paving stones from a wide range of Polbruk, such as Avanti paving stone for sidewalk paths or Polbruk Linea slabs for modern terraces. A designer will draw attention to the detail of surface edging and will surely propose more interesting solutions than normal curbs, e.g., Polbruk Modern edging. Moreover, they will specify, in detail, the plants from reliable suppliers, which will be in harmony with the surrounding. The author of the design will also ensure the proper execution of works.

Select an expert and not regret
Recommendation of a designer by a friend, who is also a satisfied customer, is sometimes not enough to choose well. Many designs and additional orders are implemented by subcontractors or third parties, who do not guarantee meeting the highest standards. – At the moment you can find many offers of garden design on the Polish market. Selection of the best one may not be easy. The best showcase denoting the designer’ qualification are: completed works characterized by aesthetics and functionality, experience, availability and the so-called “chemistry” – adds Wojciech Średniawa.

Experience should be confirmed by a designer’s portfolio reflecting the diversity, quantity and advancement of completed works. It would be great if sketches were supplemented by photographs of the final stage, giving the opportunity to compare the plan with its implementation. No less important is also the availability of the designer - it is perfect if there are available locally and can meet with us not only during the initial assessment but also during the subsequent work steps. Common understanding is also important. The quality of the project largely depends on the relationship, sincere discussion of expectations, goals and barriers as well as the budget of the project.

Advantage of architects over hobbyists
Experienced garden designers have the expertise and long-range perspective. During work they will use the advantages and possibilities offered by the area designated for the project. They will take into account, among others, the location of plot, sun exposure and growth of plants and changing needs of users. They will pave the paths in an optimal manner, arrange the plants adapted to our climate and advise how, for example with the concrete flower pots Polbruk Mini Luna, one should effectively way finish slopes, or how to reinforce the edges of fountains, flower beds and cascades with the use of elegant broken Polbruk palisades. As a result, the whole will harmoniously relate to our home space and the surrounding architecture, and will also fit within the interests, needs and habits of inhabitants.

We should remember, that the garden is often a life-time investment so it is not worth saving money on the design. Besides, low price and high quality do not go hand in hand in this case. It is better to engage in a great design, and spread the execution of the garden for instance into several stages, which do not expose us to one-time big spendings. We can start from preparation of the ground, and delineation and execution of paths, which is the most important for the future appearance and use of garden Though we will have to wait a little bit longer, we will enjoy the garden we have always dreamed about .

In the course of establishing cooperation with Polbruk one can use the services of surface designing performed by experienced architects. The experts of the largest manufacturer of paving stones and road products in Poland are available throughout the whole country.