Grando wall

Grando wall

The pleasure of planning...your home haven. With the use of Grando blocks, you can design a fence that will not only set the boundaries of your property, but will also become its decoration. Grando wall will shield your property from the gaze of passers-by and the unwanted street turmoil.

Technical information

wall thickness [cm]typeshapes / dimensions [cm]number of pieces or m2 per palletpallet weight [kg]
25*two-sided standard block60×1540/321 681/1 625
25*two-sided half-block30×15801 753
wall thickness [cm]25*
typetwo-sided standard block
shapes / dimensions [cm]60×15
number of pieces or m2 per pallet40/32
wall thickness [cm]25*
typetwo-sided half-block
shapes / dimensions [cm]30×15
number of pieces or m2 per pallet80

*The product is available on request, distributed throughout Poland. Single dimension on the pallet. For availability, please ask at points of sale. Note: scarp and wall development height may not exceed 1 meter.

The presented offer is made for informative purposes only, it does not constitute a trade offer within the understanding of the Civil Code and it does not reflect current inventory states.

Shapes and dimensions

Color scheme

Murek Grando i kostka Carmino od Polbruk wykorzystane w ogrodzie
Przykład aranżacji z murkiem Grando od Polbruk
Propozycja wykorzystania Murka Grando od Polbruk
Ogrodzenie wykonane z wykorzystaniem Murka Grando od Polbruk
Sposób wykorzystania Murka Grando
Przykład aranżacji z murkiem Grando od Polbruk

Product information

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Grando wall
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